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Easy start for our new players on the Origin x30 server!
To play everyone needs to download the new client!

We have a new addition to our library - monsters encyclopedia. It contains all the important information about all the monsters that inhabit our MU continent. All monsters are grouped by location. There is information about monster levels, their damage, HP, defense and respawn time. Monster level corresponds to the grade of non-excellent items that can drop from these monsters. Also, you have the ability to sort the table by any of the parameters.
New quests 04.01.22

Long-awaited new quests have been added to the game. For the first time, players will have to go to the most dangerous location at the moment, Swamp of Peace. You will also have a repeated long run in Snowstorm Devias, a visit to Kanturu Domination, White Rabbit Invasion and much more. The final boss at the moment is Great Dragon.

The total number of quests has reached 339, and top loot boxes have begun to appear as rewards.

We wish you all a successful adventure!

Happy New Year! 31.12.21

Dear MU Bless residents! Happy new year 2022. We wish you success in all your endeavors and an excellent drop! New Year's gifts have been prepared for you in your personal account.

The introduction of new quests is scheduled for January 4!
Swamp of Peace 24.12.21

New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all the suggested files. During the update, all game windows should be closed.

The new Swamp of Peace location is now fully functional. You can read more about this map here. Soon there will be new quest tasks, some of which make you travel the swamp.

Origin x30 server opened its doors two months ago, and if you missed the opening, now it is the perfect time to start playing and enter the Hall of Fame!

All new characters upon creation now receive a +25% experience buff for 7 days and 2000 additional stat points that will last you for the first 10 resets. Thanks to our simplified reset system, the first 20 resets can be done before level 400. The system is dynamic and every few days the level required for a reset will gradually decrease. Now you can do your first reset at level 354!

Server Empire now has a one-off discount on a VIP account - if you have never purchased VIP, then at the first purchase it will cost you 300 web bonuses instead of 500 for 30 days.

Call your friends and do not forget to use the referral reward system. You can get your referral link in your account on the website.

When your referral donates bonuses, you and your referral will receive an additional + 10% of the transfer amount, but no more than 500 bonuses per person. You can track the amount of bonuses earned from each referral in your account in the referrals section.
The time has come when the inhabitants of King server go on a long-awaited journey - King server merges with Empire server. As of December 2021, server King has been online for 1 year and 307 days without wipes, Empire 1 year and 48 days.

Server Empire was launched in October 2020 and has similar settings with King server. At this moment, Empire has 700 active players every day and more than 36 thousand created characters.

King players will be transferred to Empire. Your characters with items, resets bonuses and everything else will be moved safe and sound. The main thing is to make sure that your account has at least 1 character with resets.

The merge will take place on December 21.

Complete information about all the details of merging, instructions and recommendations are available here.

Today servers Master, King, Empire and Extreme are moving to the new game client. New version, new maps, monsters, quests, 30 FPS. Everything that is on the Origin server will appear on the rest of the servers. The migration will not automatically update the old client. Everyone will need to download the entire new client.

You can download the new client in the Files section.

All characters will have their stats reset for conversion to the new quest system.

After the transition, the quest system and VIP servers will be temporarily unavailable.

This year, we launched one of the most ambitious client updates.
Besides 30 FPS support, a few new maps were added.

The goal of the contest is simple - make a screenshot on one of the maps from the list and post it on #screenshot-contest chat in our Discord channel, or on Forum topic.

Participate until 21 December and get a chance to earn up to 2500 bonuses!

New Bless Origin x30 server is now open! Welcome and have fun!

Not even 24 hours have passed since the opening, and we already have 2000 players online, in this regard, we are launching Subserver 1, its settings info is available here.

Update: Added crafting for top non-excellent weapons: Duranium Sword, Patrician Staff, Nightbringer, Wit of the King, Azure Dragon Blade, Wyvern's Bonespike, Wand of the Damned, Spellbinder. The cost of crafting wands for elves has been significantly increased. You can read more about the craft system on the website here.

Update: Improved the Auto-Heal function in the clicker. Now HP Potions will be used automatically when the character's HP falls below a certain percentage that the player has set. Updated default clicker settings so it works better right out of the box.

For Agility Elf added the ability to use buffs for Defense and Damage along with shooting. For Energy Elfs, players now have the ability to customize how often buffs are used. This should help in situations where some Party members did not receive the necessary buffs in time.

Mages can now use both Mana Shield and Wizardry Enhance in clicker mode.

Update: Total online on server Origin today has exceeded 3000, so we are opening Subserver 2. It's setting are completely identical to Subserver 1. Have fun!
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Your wait has finally come to an end - the first and only new server on Bless this year, behold: the long-awaited low-rate Bless Origin x30! The server will be launched on the new game client that will be exclusive only to this server. The overall concept is that the server is compatible with the Empire server and is suitable for future mergers.

Long-awaited improvement in game performance - finally we have 30 FPS. The game has become much smoother and faster.

New city of Arkania, new farm zones Ruined Lorencia and Jungle Noria, updated Lorencia and new free-pvp location Swamp of Peace with the toughest quest monsters in the game.

The quest system has received a completely new task lineup along with over 60 new monsters. A total of 330 quests are already available, and this number will gradually increase with the addition of new mobs and locations to the game. And a second quest system you also need to kill certain monsters, but tasks are generated automatically depending on the strength of your character. The number of tasks in it is unlimited and various loot boxes, stones and other useful consumables are given as rewards.

New Lorencia Fortress event, where guilds compete in control of spots, and the winner receives prizes, buffs and his own fortress in Lorencia.

In addition, development begins on two more new events, Arkania Salvation and Holy Grail. Detailed information about them will appear after the launch of the server, and the introduction to the game is scheduled for this winter.

All referrals registered from today will already be valid on the new server. You can get your referral link in your personal account by logging into any of the existing servers. So, if your friends are not with us yet, then it's time to invite them to join you at the opening of our new server.

Based on the collected statistics of the Empire server, the achievement system will be updated on the new server. The tasks that caused the most difficulties for the players will become much easier to complete.

Participate in the giveaway and get a chance to win 300 bonuses on any of our projects! 10 winners will be chosen randomly on October 21st! If the number of participants will exceed 100 then there will be 20 winners.


Basic facts about our project here.
A complete list of the features of our game worlds is here.
A detailed guide to playing on our servers is here.

Detailed information about the server and the reset table can be found here.

Origin x30 server will open on October 14th at 18:00!